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Collaboration for cane toad containment

Once established, toxic cane toads are very hard – often impossible – to eradicate. Preventing cane toads from establishing populations in Torres Strait is of primary importance for healthy land ecosystems. Cane toads are currently present on Ngurupai (Horn Island) and Waiben (Thursday Island). These islands are the main transport links between islands in the region and the Australian mainland.

To reduce the risk of cane toad spread across Torres Strait, TSRA has brokered collaborative partnerships among multiple organisations, including the primary freight provider for the islands, local communities, My Pathways Community Development, TAGAI College, and the Torres Shire Council.

Installing cane toad exclusion fencing and traps around the major freight depots on Horn Island and in Cairns has added an important layer of protection. A multi- stakeholder plan to eradicate cane toads from Thursday Island has been developed and a combined rapid response team has successfully addressed five recent island incursions. Each phase of the program has provided insights into how to best cultivate and manage multiple stakeholder relationships for effective cane toad containment.