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Culturally appropriate compliance management

In 2017, TSRA established a dedicated Compliance Management Unit (CMU) to help protect the unique and sensitive islands and waters of Torres Strait. Since then, compliance staff have designed, developed, and are implementing a culturally appropriate compliance program that identifies and embeds cultural authority beside western law. Over 50 rangers have received the nationally accredited Certificate IV in Regulatory Compliance as part of a broader training and development strategy. This enables rangers to undertake compliance activities in a safe, lawful, and professional manner while adapting to their ever- changing environment.

Rangers’ intimate knowledge of their country helps them protect this unique region from threats such as illegal fishing, poaching, illegal foreign movements, and biosecurity risks. They appreciate that cooperative networks are required to operate effectively and understand their role in supporting our partner Australian regulatory agencies and neighbouring PNG officials.

The CMU and rangers have facilitated numerous patrols along the Australian / PNG border and participated in cross border multi- agency patrols with PNG officials. This international interaction allows critical information to be shared about the threats and pressures facing Torres Strait and opportunities for stronger collaboration.